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Born a Calgarian, Dave Birrell was introduced to the mountains as a child through family hiking trips. Since then he has traveled extensively throughout Canada’s Rocky Mountains by car, on foot, on skis, and by horseback.

After working for the oil and gas industry as a geophysicist, Dave put down roots in the small southern Alberta town of Nanton. As a teacher, he specialized in outdoor education and the incorporation of the Canadian Rockies into the curriculum.

Dave is the author of Calgary’s Mountain Panorama, 50 Roadside Panoramas in the Canadian Rockies, and, which includes a huge collection of information and photographs related to the Canadian Rockies. He has been featured on a CBC radio series related to drives in the Canadian Rockies and has made presentations to numerous conferences.

Dave is accredited as a Professional Interpreter by the Mountain Parks Heritage Interpretation Association.

From time to time you will hear the voices of others who have contributed to the GPS-Audio Tour Guide. Some of the contributors are:

CHIC SCOTT –Chic is a highly regarded mountaineer who has climbed extensively in the Alps, Himalayas, and the Canadian Rockies. He is the author of “Pushing the Limits –The Story of Canadian Mountaineering” and several other books related to ski-touring and mountaineering. 

BEN GADD –Ben’s “Handbook of the Canadian Rockies” is the complete and unchallenged encyclopedia of the natural history of the mountains. He is also the author of the novel “Raven’s End,” and several other books about the Canadian Rockies. 

MICHAEL KERR –A highly sought after speaker, Michael is the author of “The Canadian Rockies Guide to Wildlife Watching” and “When Do You Let the Animals Out –A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour.” 

JOYCE MCCART –Joyce is the author of, “On the Road with David Thompson.”

THE FRIENDS OF BANFF have developed content that you will hear on the virtual tour guide as well.

We thank these highly regarded authors for their contributions.

Other voices that you may hear are those of Jean Berger and Charles Cobb. 

-In developing the content for the Sawka Tour Guide, we had to make assumptions as to the speed that your vehicle would be travelling. If you notice that a new audio file begins to play before the previous one has finished then you are exceeding the speed that we assumed visitors would be travelling during that file. 

-We politely remind drivers that your primary concern must always be the safety of those in your vehicle and others on our mountain highways (including wildlife). Look at the scenery and other features that are discussed in the Sawka Tour Guide only when it is safe to do so.

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Peak Finder by Dave Birrell is your source of information on the peaks of the Canadian Rockers.

The Friends Of Banff National Parks  is a non-profit charitable organization, committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Banff National Park.

Friends of Jasper National Park is a non-profit organization that strives to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for the natural history and cultural heritage of Jasper National Park.

The Friends of Yoho National Park is a non-profit organization that cooperates with Yoho National Park and other local organizations to promote understanding and enjoyment of the park.

The Mountain Parks Heritage Interpretation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of information delivery to visitors to Canada's Mountain Parks.



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